Date: 5/May/2023

3PM-5PM: All Men's Classes
5PM-7PM: All Women's Classes

Location: DK MEI
Date: 6/May/2023

Location: DK MEI
Women's Fitness — Juniors (routines)
Women's Fitness (routines)
Classic Physique Juniors - routines
Classic Physique True Novice (Class A)
Classic Physique True Novice (Class B)
Classic Physique True Novice (Class C)
Classic Physique True Novice Awards
Classic Physique Novice (Class A)
Classic Physique Novice (Class B)
Classic Physique Novice (Class C)
Classic Physique Novice Awards
Classic Physique Masters ( 35+) - routines
Classic Physique Masters ( 40+)
Classic Physique Masters ( 45+)
Classic Physique open (Class A) - routines
Classic Physique open (Class B) - routines
Classic Physique open (Class C) - routines
Classic Physique open (Class D) -routines
Classic Physique Awards (IFBB Pro Card)
Wellness Juniors (19-23)
Wellness True Novice (Class A)
Wellness True Novice (Class B)
Wellness True Novice (Class C)
Wellness True Novice (Class D)
Wellness True Novice Awards
Wellness Novice (Class A)
Wellness Novice (Class B)
Wellness Novice (Class C)
Wellness Novice (Class D)
Wellness Novice Awards
Wellness Masters 35+
Wellness Open (Class A)
Wellness Open (Class B)
Wellness Open (Class C)
Wellness Open (Class D)
Wellness Awards (IFBB Pro Card)

Men's Bodybuilding - routines
MBB Juniors
MBB True Novice Light Weight
MBB True Novice Middle Weight
MBB True Novice Heavy Weight
MBB True Novice Awards
MBB Novice Light Weight
MBB Novice Middle Weight
MBB Novice Heavy Weight
MBB Novice Awards
MBB Masters 40+
MBB Masters 45+
MBB Masters 50+
MBB open (Bantam Weight)
MBB open (Light Weight)
MBB open (Middle Weight)
MBB open (Light HeavyWeight)
MBB open (Heavy Weight)
MBB open (Super HeavyWeight)
MBB Open Awards (IFBB Pro Card)
Wheelchair bodybuilding ( One Class)

Women's Physique Masters 35+ ( routines)
Women's Physique Open (Class A) - routines
Women's Physique Open (Class B) - routines
Women's Physique Open (Class C) - routines
Women's Physique Awards (IFBB Pro Card)
Men's Physique Juniors
Men's Physique True Novice (Class A)
Men's Physique True Novice (Class B)
Men's Physique True Novice (Class C)
Men's Physique True Novice Awards
Men's Physique Novice (Class A)
Men's Physique Novice (Class B)
Men's Physique Novice (Class C)
Men's Physique Novice Awards
Men's Physique Masters 35+
Men's Physique Masters 40+
Men's Physique Masters 45+
Men's Physique open (Class A)
Men's Physique open (Class B)
Men's Physique open (Class C)
Men's Physique open (Class D)
Men's Physique open (класс Е)
Men's Physique open (класс F)
Men's Physique open Awards (IFBB Pro Card)
Bikini Juniors (19-23)
Bikini True Novice (А)
Bikini True Novice (В)
Bikini True Novice (С)
Bikini True Novice Awards
Bikini Novice (А)
Bikini Novice (В)
Bikini Novice (С)
Bikini Novice Awards
Bikini Masters 35+
Bikini Masters 40+
Bikini Masters 45+
Bikini Masters Awards
Bikini open (Class A)
Bikini open (Class B)
Bikini open (Class C)
Bikini open (Class D)
Bikini open (класс Е)
Bikini open (класс F)
Bikini Open Awards (IFBB Pro Card)
1. Classic Physique
2. Men's Bodybuilding
3. Men's Physique
4. Figure
5. Women's Bodybuilding
6. Women's Physique
8. Bikini
9. Wellness
4:00 PM - FINALS
Figure Juniors
Figure True Novice (Class A)
Figure True Novice (Class B)
Figure True Novice (Class C)
Figure True Novice Awards
Figure Novice (Class A)
Figure Novice (Class B)
Figure Novice (Class C)
Figure Novice Awards
Figure Masters 35+
Figure Masters 40+
Figure Masters 45+
Figure open (Class A)
Figure open (Class B)
Figure open (Class C)
Figure open (Class D)
Figure open ( Class E)
Figure open ( Class F)
Figure Awards (IFBB Pro Card)

Fitness Awards (IFBB Pro Card)

Women's Bodybuilding (Class A) - routines
Women's Bodybuilding (Class B) - routines
Women's Bodybuilding (Class C) - routines
Women's Bodybuilding Awards

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